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Investing in Your Future: Immigrating to Canada as an Investor

Canada is a top destination for investors seeking migration and property acquisition. The Canadian government offers several pathways for investors to immigrate through the Investor, Entrepreneur, and Self-Employed programs. These programs are tailored to attract entrepreneurs and investors with high net worth to leverage their investments in Canada’s burgeoning economy. Through these programs, investors can obtain permanent residency and citizenship over time and access numerous benefits, including unrestricted access to education, health care, and transportation systems. In this article, we will explore the pathways of business immigration Canada and the requirements investors must meet to qualify for the programs.

The Investor program is designed for investors with net worth over CAD 10 million. It requires investors to invest CAD 2 million as an investment in Canada for a period of five years, which will be managed by the government to grow the Canadian economy. The program does not require investors to have any prior business experience or English language proficiency. However, investors must have at least two years of experience in managing and owning a business. Once approved, investors can obtain permanent residency and enjoy the lifetime benefits Canada offers. The investor program is currently under revision, and the new program is expected to launch in 2021.

The Entrepreneur program is tailored for investors with at least CAD 500,000 in net worth and prior experience managing and owning a business. The program requires investors to establish or acquire a Canadian business that creates two full-time job opportunities for Canadians. Entrepreneurs must monitor their business operations for at least one year, following their arrival in Canada. Similar to the Investor program, English language proficiency is not a prerequisite for the Entrepreneur program. Successful candidates would obtain permanent residency and may develop their business into prosperous ventures.

The Self-Employed program is designed for individuals who possess the skills and experience in the athletics, arts, or farming industry. The program requires candidates to have a net worth of at least CAD 100,000 to invest in Canada’s economy. The Self-Employed program also does not require investors to have English language proficiency or business ownership experience. However, successful candidates must obtain sufficient funds to support themselves and their dependents upon arrival in Canada.

In addition to the above-mentioned programs, each Canadian province has targeted investment programs that require relatively low investment for a chance to obtain permanent residency. These provincial programs require investors to invest CAD 150,000- CAD 200,000 to establish or acquire a Canadian business. Investors must also demonstrate their need for skilled workers to support their business, provide a viable business plan, and commit to managing their business operations in Canada. Successful candidates would obtain a work permit, which would enable them to become eligible for permanent residency within two years.


Investment immigration is an excellent opportunity for investors seeking to expand their business and secure permanent residency in Canada. Investors can choose from the Investor, Entrepreneur, and Self-Employed programs, each tailored for individuals with diverse business experience and investment capacity. The provincial nomination programs offer additional options for investors seeking a low initial investment. These programs are an excellent way to gain permanent residency while leveraging Canada’s promising economy and extensive social programs. If you are an investor seeking new business opportunities and a safe destination for settlement, investment citizenship programs in Canada is the way to go.

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